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Tickets to real madrid vs psg

I orderd 2 ticketsin viagogo to the game and he is today and i didnt get them somoeone know something or maybe can help me? And do you know about another person that buy from viagogo


Ticket for a small child

Hello Viagogo, this is not a complaint, it is only information asking before purchase.I searched but I didn”t find the rules for bringing kids to a concert.

I don”t know what is the age limit for buying tickets and attending a concert. I am trying to buy some tickets for Sting, concert held in Athens, in June 22 or 23. We are a family with 2 adults and 2 kids (the kids are 11 and 5 years old). How many tickets must I buy?

3 or 4? I want to know if the little one - the 5 year old - needs a ticket too.

She will surely stay in my arms.Thank you for your help, Loredana


DAY6 tickets

I purchased the tickets and I gave them away to someone else but they are in another state and he's wondering how I'll be giving them the tickets?Do I mail them to him ?

Do I send him the information about the tickets to him ?The concert is tomorrow.


Him tickets

I ordered him tickets and wanted to make sure the date of the even is right ..I seen that the day says 24 but as says the 23 ..

in Phoenix Arizona ..

I want to clean it up so that I don’t miss the show Order ID: 13265287 Event: HIM Ticket(s): Section FLOOR , Row GA, (2 Ticket(s)) Listing Note(s): Venue: The Van Buren Date: 24 October 2017, 20:00 ASAP please and.Thank you


13018100 21-8750-1371


Can't sell my tickets which i bought by viagogo

I need ur id: 7521231 It's impossible to see the game so I want to sell but I can't.

Only I can see is 'This event is not currently available public listing'.

It's very few days left to held the Manchester derby.I just waiting ur email.


When can I get a refund because the concert was cancelled?

The Drake concert in Cologne was cancelled and I have sent my ticket two weeks ago, so when can I get my refund?


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