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Fraud Charges

My card was used on your site fraudulently. What is my next point of action to resolve?


tickets for beyonce

i bought two tickets for Beyonce show in Amsterdam on 19 JUne.

When i will get the tickets?


Sell tickets

I bought a ticket to Ed Sherran for Nov. And need to sell it.

How do I do that or can you refund it? Not in my possesion.


I just did the same thing and I am trying to get my money back for the flyers game for me and my daughter


Receiving tickets to Tesserra del Tifoso card

Dear Viagogo,

I wrote an e-mail to your on Thursday, but haven't got any answer yet.

I bought two tickets (order ID14540296). It is written that the tickets will be transferred to my Tessera del Tifoso accounts. My questions:

1. Shall I send any details about my tifoso card? Or how can you transfer the ticket to the card without knowing the card number or other detail?

2. Shall I get the 2 tickets to my own tifoso card?

3. When will I get the ticket transfer?

4. Shall I have to do anything with the card / ticket? Print the tickets, etc? Or I just go to the stadium with my own tifoso card, the security scans it, see the two tickets on it and let us (me and my fiancee) into the stadium?

5. What does that mean that "Scan of ID required"? I need to take my Hungarian ID to get into the stadium?

6.Shall I active my card or do I have to do anything before goin to the stadium?

As the event will be on next weekend and we are leaving Hungary on Thursday, please contact me as soon as possible via mail or mobile (please see below).

As this is a present for my fiancee, it is extremely important for me to have the information above in time and get into the match on the weekend.

Awaiting for your quick answer.

Kind regards,



Mobile: +3620 25 41 666


Sold tickets

I sold my tickets but am unable to download them, in order to print them and FedEx to the buyer. My order number is 16452443.

The email the tickets were purchased under is Either email is fine to email the tickets to so they can be printed


Stiff Little fingers O2 Academy Newcastle

Where are my tickets as they still havnt arrived yet and the concert is Friday 16th. My reference no 15446678


Tomorrow land want to know if this website is legit

I'm never purchased tickets from this website can someone please contact me so I know that you are legit



Hi looking for Tomorrowland week 2 ticket plus camping just 1 ticket please


World cup

I want to buy 2 tickets for Peru vs France I’m wondering how will you deliver them I need the actual ticket in order to get my Fan ID


Tickets to real madrid vs psg

I orderd 2 ticketsin viagogo to the game and he is today and i didnt get them somoeone know something or maybe can help me? And do you know about another person that buy from viagogo


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